Reviews for "PleaseDiePie"

Newgrounds classic!

well, that was an accurate and truly clever parody of pewdiepie's silly works!
i liked all the jokes in your movie, such as his EXTREME screaming, his 243 channels on youtube (and still making even more channels as we speak now), and the fact that he is a silly, extremely unfunny dude that's making ''lets play'' vids.

also, the parts about pewdiepie being extremely annoying, screaming many times, and failing(?) to understand if a horror game is actually a horror game... (which is obvious in ''amnesia''s case..) were very funny. i also liked the part where you showed him screaming at hit (hot) girlfriend.
lol, the aftermath message about his GF was crazy but funny as well! (since he's always screaming at her over something, lol)

and the last statement in the end, oh man, that was a very good message.
people should indeed do more creative videos and more creative things on youtube, than just creating repetitive ''lets play'' videos.
sure, everyone should make ''lets play'' videos, and sure, some ''lets play'' videos are actually good & funny, but DUDE, when you are making 89248646 ''lets play'' videos without any single new element, and/or without any jokes, story or without an interesting meaning to keep creativity alive, then whats the point?
i mean, sure, pewdiepie has earned alot of money by creating the same, repetitive videos for 9834346 times again and again, but should we consider this as a sign of quality and creativity?
no, because its not. its very stale and unfunny. so, everyone should be a bit more creative with their movies/videos, and they should make art/podcasts/''lets plays'' that would be either amusing, rewarding, clever, informative, or at least, funny. (even tho humour is the hardest thing to achieve, to be honest).

anyways, your movie was EXCELLENT, and with sharp humour, speedosausage, so keep up the great work!
oh, and ignore pewdiepie's stupid fanboys.
they wouldnt know quality and humour if it hit them in the head.

keep creating good, clever and funny movies, speedosausage, you rock! :D

This is the worst re-enactment of pewdiepie.

Speedo responds:

hey thanks for the support, man!

As an old Pewdiepie fan, i see no lies here.

Id probably watch pewdiepie if he acted more like this