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Reviews for "PleaseDiePie"

Love happy wheels, hate that mother fucker!!! great ani "BRO".

I thought maybe this would be good, but I didn't laugh and Pewdiepie really annoys me but for different reasons I guess. The graphics look really nice though, but I just didn't laugh. /shrugs I just mostly find him annoying when he plays games because he is such an idiot and im just like die. But I don't understand how others found this funny while I just sat at my computer screen, arms crossed and eh.

Sir, I have just signed up for a NG accounts simply to rate you higher. Well done.
It's quite well animated and amusing.

Now, for all of you PewDiePie fans watching ready to rate this low or those of you who think an attack on PewDiePie is wrong, you clearly do not understand what the Internet is. It ultimately a place where opinions thrive. ANYTHING created on it can be hated, solely because it exists. If you feel it is wrong to hate on PewDiePie doesn't it make it wrong for you to hate on this video? Of course not. Both are fine. You can not like it because it makes fun of your precious YouTuber. It's ok. But stop thinking that this is wrong in some way. You can think it mean spirited, but this video has every right to exist, and creator has every write to bash on someone who purposely puts himself into the spotlight.

For my personal opinion of PDP, I find him unfunny, much of that sentiment coming from his constant overreactions, and his all-too-apparent style of trying to pull in views. Guys like TwoBestFriendsPlay or GameGrumps seem not to care about the fans they pull in, but genuinely having a good time. Sure, they may play it up to amuse the fans, but I honestly feel like discussions about every thought that pops into their heads isn't a fan-grabbing tactic, and that's why I love them.

To the author: It's obvious how you feel about the big name Let's Players.
What are your opinions on Game Grumps and TwoBestFriendsPlay? Like I said, they don't feel like sellouts, and they seem to play games sincerely and strictly to have fun. (Especially in the Grumps case, they'll downright stop playing a game if they don't have fun with it/get fun out of it.)

Opinions man. This guy can has them.
PewDiePie? More like I'd rather take a knife to they eye!
Guys playing games for fun Guys playing games purely to appeal to other and to profit.
Whatcha think of da Groomps?

Even as someone who understands the sentiment, it just wasn't funny. These types of parodies often run far too long. One star for the point made in the video, another for charming animation. Delivery was poor and would have benefited from a "trim" in length. Even with that said, Newgrounds is becoming oversaturated with animation pointing out obvious flaws in the YouTube community. Maybe it satisfied your expectations, but it doesn't stand out from other animations of the same genre.

I am sick and tired of everyone and their grandma running a half assed lets play channel, good work expressing what I can not