Reviews for "New Creature"

Really excellent. I have not seen "Heart of Stone," so I am unsure of how much that leads into this film, if at all. With that said, it actually took me a little bit to figure out where this was going, but once I did I thought it was really cool. The animation had a special touch to it that really shines, the little bits of ethereal "whiteness" ascending into the sky off of "God" was absolutely outstanding. It was a minor touch but it really set the atmosphere. The facial expressions were good all around, and I felt like I was able to understand the personalities of the various characters even with the lack of any oration. The music was a good touch as well, really fit with the mood. If I were to offer any critique it would be to add a little bit more detail to the backgrounds and terrain. The characters themselves were spot on and the effects were great, but the world seemed a little bland. Now its entirely possible that this was intentional and that it was just lost on me, but I felt like things were a little bland outside of the characters. But evening then, this didn't detract from the overall quality of the flash, thus my five stars.

I was hesitant to comment on the religious aspect, but I feel that a few asinine 12 year old commenters before me (exemplified by those such as artblack01) makes it necessary. In essence, don't let their reviews get you down. I am not religious, but that in no way diminishes the quality of this flash. Its well written, it drives home its story, and it does not serve in any way as "propaganda." I respect your artistic ability 100% and appreciate you making a story that displays your artistic vision of what we can presume are your beliefs.

Looking forward to future animations! :-)

I love this! i not only like the style! the theme is a favorite of mine! Only thing is id say get some practice in and work up that animation skillz, but otherwise, this is awesome!!! I love the way you portrayed that truth!

People who are overly anti-religious are almost as bad as people who are over religious. It's pathetic. The flash was really really well done and that's all that matters to me. People need to learn to find balance in their personalities.

so awesome and psychodelic

i love the video, the music es perfect :)