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Reviews for "New Creature"

Hey Nice.
Very well done, of course, things are not so good, but what counts is the intention, many comments here are ridiculous, but they are different views, what I can do.
But good job, a very interesting topic for an animation.

nahtanojmal responds:

Thanks for reviewing, and to God be the glory, cause He did this for real :)

Hm..Not sure if that is snow where is written-CREATURE-
or if is blood...

nahtanojmal responds:

both kinda.
It's supposed to be symbolic of the fleshly being made pure.

Thanks for reviewing ;)

Lets take a look at this.
First the animation. It was good not the best but still good and you can tell there was effort put in it so I'll give you points there. I mean I'm not an animator but I can still tell when some one cared for what they were doing.
Next the over all look. Wile it was fairly simple, I can't help but feel you didn't put a lot of thought in to it. You start with a well detailed severed arm and then don't keep with that same detail in everything elss. I know it would have ben difficult but so is life. It's just feels a little half assed or like the arm should have ben less to match the rest on the film.
Finally the story. Now I have only to real complaints with it, but I'll save them for the end. I found the story over all to be great. I got what was going on even with no dialog. The Idea was great and the tree with all the things on it was very moving. the middle is were I liked it the most. To show suffering like that and have it mean something. But then that leads me to my complaints. You could have ended it there. He dies for them THE END. Your meaning would have ben better and I wouldn't feel so cheated out of something deep. This is not something you put a happy ending on. This is something to make people feel something big and suffering and loss is one of the best ways. Next the part from the Bible. Now I'm not to religus but I do know the Bible well. I also feel one should not try to copy it in such a small way. This just dus not do it credit is all.
Well that about it. Not bad but not grate. 3 starts.

nahtanojmal responds:

Yeah I think I just wanted to get the point across that mutilating people is bad... but yeah that was bad continuity, thanks ;)

Yeah I agree, I just wanted to get as much of the message in 4 minutes as I could.

Thanks for your review ;)

Really Amazing, took me a while into the video to understand what was going on but, atsoon as he was strapped to the tree completeley understood the context of what was happening, great representation.

nahtanojmal responds:

Thanks, and hopefully people will look past the representation and into the reality. ;D

I thought it was very deep and meaningful all the way up until the new monster turned back into a human, I feel like the whole animation fell apart when he looked up and smiled. It looked really cartoon-ish from that point forward, I feel like you should have continued on more of a seroius path. I also wasnt a fan of the change in music, that might have also played a part in the cartoony ending. But other than that I thought it was very good and had a great storyline, including the ending and through the cartoony part even if it was religious I thought it was a neat way to mix religion and horror. Overall good job! I give you 3.5 Stars.

nahtanojmal responds:

;) Thanks