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Reviews for "New Creature"

What wibbler said. :) You pictured a more mercifull God than I could ever believe that exists. Also one could say from your animation that everyone deserves forgiveness. I don't believe that it's true or should be true. The animation is well done and has substance. Thank you for your good work. Good luck.

Animation cool, good adaptation, but as said before no bibble plz.

My eyes will b p´leased to not burn more.

Great animation, I like how you stylized everything, and the idea that everything started as a bunch of sinful beasts was cool the way you got it across. I wanted to give you a lower score because I'm not really a fan of bible stories, but then I realized it's not fair to take my point of view out on you. You did a really good job, and should be proud.

The only thing i like is the message at the end of the story

:3 :3 :3