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Reviews for "NoPUNintendo 2"

How do you get your lineart to look so clean and magical? In the animatics the lineart looks more rough, WHAT DID YOU DO TO MAKE IT BETTER? Was it a satanic sacrifice?

TerminalMontage responds:

The trick is using my own blood as the medium, the supernatural forces then take over and make it work as a flash.

I recently got a cintiq though, it'll require more blood for future animations, but it will be worth it in the end I'm sure.

Whats the star fox one supposed to be? Ive never played it. Anyway really good animation and (funny) puns lol 5 stars

loved it im just ost with bye sin...wasnt he on capcom? or is just cuz the street fighter gmaes were on nintendo?

Since people don't get this (for some reason) I'll just do this:

1. Diddy is the name of the small kong

2. Corn area is a play on Fox's home Corneria

3. Bowser and Bow Sir

4. Zero is the red robot, and captain falcon's game series is F-Zero

5.Gorons are rock like creatures that roll

6. The old man (Wily) is from the game series Megaman (Meg a man)

7. The man here is M. Bison, saying mm, bye son, to his departed son.

Excellent puns by the way XD

TerminalMontage responds:

Thanks (:

And you ALMOST got them all right ;P

This one was really good.