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Reviews for "Enfcit"

lol wut

Your game requires a lot of work. This is what I found in my play through:
-- The controls need improvement. It feels like the avatar is sliding all around the board. This may also be due to the buggy sprite animation.
-- The game had no indication that 'enfected grass' kills enemies (or at least, I think that is what happens when enemy sprites disappear). There should be a better indicator of that.
-- Also, the game froze in the middle of me playing it. Cannot determine why.

okay,so i am gonna give you some hardcore reality here.first,the character looks like a car accident.put some green skin,round head,brick body,and a ninja costume.second,you need to add different enemies.i mean theres only one enemy on there.third,if this is gonna be a game you need power ups.fourth you only need a few pits.dont make this a platform game.fifth,you need achievements and ranks of the ninja.sixth label the levels like mario.seventh,there are only two types of land regular and grass.add more land types.eigth,make it 3d.if not,make it 2.5d.that is all i have to say.