Reviews for "Toons These Days: Ep 15"

This movie isnt even out yet in the UK but weirdly he made me WANT to watch it!!!

Wasn't Sonic X cancelled? Spongebob sucks as well. The new episodes, anyways. Yes, the movie wsa really good. The duty jokes were made ironically, but it also could have worked legitimately in that no one has made a "duty" joke in a while, so it can go either way. And, to me, it wasn't Roger Rabbit for video games so much as it was Toy Story for a newer generation.

haven't seen it yet but now i might and can't wait for the next one and hopefully more after maybe do some older cartoons for nostalgia like street sharks i can see that getting a good laugh

I agree with Conroy.
Wreck-it Ralph was the best!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait for the last episodes.

I agree with this. do not get that movie. Just pure pnadering.