Reviews for "Toons These Days: Ep 15"

LOL i love how he hates on new toons and now hes hating a movie based on the old characters he says he misses in most of these xD

The cynic in me definitely loves all of this. Ah well, still very well done and touches on a subject that i can relate to. Good on ya!

wreck it ralph was actually good. i guess its just good to see them on the big screen in general than on 4Kids and the games. but good animation.
can't wait til you do one on Sonic X.

A movie cgi review I have talked to the wreak it wralf cast about something like this

I agree with all of you down there. Movies are suppose to be about the fun of going out, if you want to be lazy. Moreover, I believe all games that are the longest runnings, should be made into movie, because smart have made history into a game console. I conclusion, I movies are like our life but more dramatic-wise. I'm with Conroy on this. There are just too many despicable movies out there. 5*****