Reviews for "Toons These Days: Ep 15"

the black and white guy sounds like one of the Pianta people at the begining of super mario sunshine

let's just say times have changes...end of story..i've watch the movie,it was preety good...and good job on this movie/video...doodley

Haha Wreck It really is one of the best Disney movies made recently that didn't have Pixar attached to it. Though I think Pixar people were still involved. Anyway this was pretty good!

Roger Rabbit was a good movie too. I enjoy the whole "toon town" concept. This includes stuff like Bonkers and Animaniacs. But Cool World .....Eh, okay I don't even remember that movie. Who does?

I thought Francis from left for dead was in it from a commercial... other than that i don't think i would really give a damn about anyone else... but still funny

How the hell didnt you get that? it's "Doody" like, you know, poo.

Anyway, as for the review of the review part, An entertaining minute to tell me whats going on in the movie is nice. I like it. Have to go with Doggy in this one though, I've never been able to respect movies that spend more time cramming as many characters onto the screen at once at the expense of writing. That said, It's certainly not the worst Disney movie to be released in recent Days. At least it's better than Prince of Persia XD