Reviews for "Mindless"

Nice game however not all the medals worked for me. (Balanced, Somehow Late, The two Biased and the two Mindless). Otherwise I enjoyed it though.

amidos2006 responds:

All medals are working :S did u get the ending where it is written Balanced?

Peace is not possible? (What a terrible world to live in!) Nor total annihilation? (A terrible, terrible possibility!) What about taking both their swords and leave? (I really wanted this as an option!)

Great idea! Not sure whether the message is constructive. (Both sides are stupid - just stay away??)

Me? Mindless? IMPOSSIBRU! To be honest, I was leaning towards the greens in the beginning seeing that they oppose the religion. Then I talked to the reds and heard what the greens were doing. I promptly left the island.

I am mindless ?!... but I simply did what they told me to do...:P

Awesome concept !

I like the game idea. This metaphor applies not only to the conflict in Egypt.