Reviews for "Mindless"

I enjoyed this game immensely!

It's all just a farce when the children run away from you - if you run into them, it turns out that they are bloodthirsty too! Oh no, they've been brainwashed by their elders!

Watch out when changing screens as a murderer because the opposing colour's people reset positions. They'll teleport and kill you in the blink of an eye :D

A really great game wih may different outcomes, and the best ending of all is to leave the island immediately in my opinion. But, I have a prolem. How to get the Green Biased and the Red Biased endings?

I enjoyed this game, but I found a bug that forced me to hit escape -- if you walk from one screen to another and there happens to be a puddle on the other side, you get stuck in the puddle and can't get out.

amidos2006 responds:

mmm.... that's strange I though I removed that problem by resting npcs to their location whenever u enter a screen so they are always away from transition but thanks :)

There appears to be a glitch/ bug where some times the sword phases them rather than actually hitting them. I thought movement while pressing x was the cause but I seemed to be able to active this issue without moving. Not sure if its just me...

I'll give it a half rating only because it's such a pain in the ass to walk back over to get the sword, after talking to the king for the 500th time, then having to walk all the way back, to get killed instantly and having to start it all over again. But the concept is great, and the game is good. It's just, as I said, it's a pain in the ass.