Reviews for "Mindless"

I really like this game. The story is pretty cool, and I love the artwork. I also like how there's multiple endings.

Awesome Job! 5/5 and Favorited.

amidos2006 responds:

Thanks :)

Fun and creative, not sure if you kept it simple and without music to add something to the game but it worked nicely.

A simple, but amazing and entertaining game!

Pretty good game.
Although extremely simple, it was fun enough to occupy my mind for a few minutes.
Most of the endings require repetitive action and it gets tiring after some time.
There are a few spelling mistakes like "baised" instead of biased, but that's alright.

I confess that I played all the way for the medals only. By the way, how do you get the endings "Worker" and "Some How Late" ?

amidos2006 responds:

The coming text is Spoiler:

Worker just talk to only one of the two tribes and then leave that island

Some How Late: start killing some people of the opposite tribe (but not all of them) then leave the island using your boat :)