Reviews for "Mindless"

Really amazing symbolism, love it!

Not bad, Like the idea

I like the game but it lacks depth. It is simply too short and simple. The idea could be good of you worked a little bit on it.

P.S. The Mute button doesn't work

amidos2006 responds:

Thats weird it works at my machine if your keyboard is not made english plz change the language to english becz english keycodes are different from other languages :)

It was very well made it needs improving though maybe check points,lives, upgrading sword

The game gives a powerful and meaningful metaphor. However, while the metaphor is supposed to be directed towards the general state of Egypt now, it is much more broad. It could be alluding to any conflict. Some grammatical and punctuation errors need to be fixed.
Overall, the game is simplistic, but it gets the point across, or at least, tries to.