Reviews for "Oh Snow!"

i liked it everything was pretty smooth on it. its a little difficult though but that might just be for me lol

Wow, I was pretty surprised at how complicated this game turned out to be. I couldn't even get past four of them, let alone twenty-four! Yep, I went and counted all of the levels when they were first shown on screen. The music was decent and kept the game moving along. There are just so many obstacles. I had no idea at first that the snowball could actually help you.

Nothing like a winter game to get into the Christmas spirit! I wish it snowed here in Florida. I also have to give you credit for having some good graphics. It's complicated, but experienced gamers shouldn't care. You made a fun game.

finally won.
very hard and annoying.

Love the programming and music, and the ease of movement in this platformer, and how you have to press a key to start the game...to prevent spawn kill.