Reviews for "Oh Snow!"

This game is impossible!! But I do like it....It has a LOT of potential. Perhaps if there were some possibility of getting anywhere I wouldn't give up like this. I'll be back..

Too many design flaws really make this game frustrating.
what i mean is that you've made the levels require such precision, the margin of error is very small
This does not add the the difficulty, the puzzles are easy but difficult to execute because of this.
Especially in level 24, placing the box infront of your character as it falls took too many tries because the box would simply have 1 pixel small enough space for him. But other levels have similar concepts of this.
This problem skewed my rating

Fun game! As for level 21, walk off of the platform (don't jump), then hold down the jump button while bouncing off of the penguins.

21 is impossible please help!!!!

Clipping issues and a bad UI kill it. It's way harder to return to the level select screen than it should be and there's no obvious way to redo a level you've just completed. Falling through and jumping through small platforms is inexcusable. Players should never die because they were just over a blank space where the snowball would be were it a square.

I might be able to like the game were it not for those issues.