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Reviews for "Lucky Tower 2"

This game is epic! I love how you get to kill more enemies like you did in the first game. I also love some references that you put in the games like:
1: Applejack from MLP
2: Look at my horse song by weebl
3: I think you've also brought up that guy from Mashhouse.
and there's much more.

If by any chance, I really wish I can lift that anvil to impress that lady. It kinda itches me alot that you can't lift that anvil again to show your manliness to her. It really made a hole in my manliness as well. Anyway, I love this game, Not being able to get every weapon in this game with one playthrough kinda adds replay value to the game as well as the plot and story.

VERY CLEVER of you to make him repeat what he has done in the first game. I really had a hard time finding this stuff out. Finally, the music is really awesome, especially the "Off to Grand Adventures one".

The endings tell me you won't be making a third game unless the good ending where Von Wanst became king of his own city is canon. So, tell me, which ending would you say is canon?

I'd argue that the good ending is canon since the attractive fat man would eventually realize his same mistakes every once a while. (Also he manages to get out of lucky tower canonly unscathed so yea) Still what you think?

molkman responds:

Because the game is a prequel, a third Lucky Tower would continue after one of the endings from the original game.

Also, where did you see Applejack? :S

Hey, I thought that little boy sounded like Yotam. Turns out it was. Cool. Let's just completely disregard RicePirate in this review, by the way. Very good game, but it was meaningless to buy stronger teeth when you could just die and revive with a full set.

Ich lieeeeeebe dieses Spiel !!


die Ursel aus der Würstelstub

Great game! I liked everything, from the voices to the graphics and to medusa like enemies with what seemed like "me gusta" faces haha
Also.. dat laugh

I really like it. I really do. Just one thing...

How do you beat the fish in the cave?