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Reviews for "Lucky Tower 2"

in the king's ending is that jester holding mysterious potion? I'm assuming that's prob poison?

Also in the cave there was a weird glitch which happened when I was jumping all over the place, and i ended up 'above' the map cave but I was able to land back down in the area without a problem

It's been years since I played this game so I'm happy to be able to enjoy the endings as well

Guide to difficult medals:
Defender of Manhood: In Town 2 next to Ghost House (right) insult the strong guy and fight him.
Clean the city: kill all the monks in town 2
Immortal Melody: Climb the tower in town 1 (guide: the giant hammer guy just jump and will make him kill himself on the wall.) Return the melody to Beethoven
Armore: In any weapons dealer, click the "heart" in your column, you will unlock the secret store or click here to details: https: //imgur.com/a/QbV4D
W.U.R.S.T: coma 2 wurst (beware: only in city 2)
Spare Some bling: Click the second option on the hobo many times to unlock
(that is, anger steals it and makes you angry).

For all of you guys looking for another sequel, it says on their website that they're making another!

I love the silly characters and story. The plot is very attracting for those who are willing to find an adventure RPG game. My only issue, which is why I had to take off 0.5 stars of my review, is that sometimes my save doesn't work. The game would think I didn't have a save on my computer, although I play this on the same computer, and won't allow me to click continue.

This one is among the top places in my "amazing games that desperately need another sequel" list.