Reviews for "The World Ending"

Wow, wonder what defragmenting'd look like

This was heavily enjoyable, Sarah is very looney tunes and the overall feel of the short's very solid. I actually think you and this voice actress'd be good for an animated short for Frog Raccoon Strawberry, she sounds like how I'd think Strawberry'd sound and your animation is perfect for the job. Excellent work, I look forward to more of your work and the stuff you've done soon and for the nite respectively!

WOW! That animation was excellent! I loved TinkerJet's voice, she sounds like she could do a part time job with TV-cartoon voice actors!

Nice animation. Good voice acting. Needs more furrys lol XD Keep up the good work.

AtroxChobatsu responds:


I would think it'd need more toons, actually. There's only the ice cream man and Sarah in this one. The car might count too, since I gave it a face. Otherwise, the world is almost empty.

GREAT! Really funny!
Loved the popup at the end, and its response to interaction was what, for me, made this clip go all the way up to 5 stars.

This awesome furry girl is the best thing ever also the animation and sound and visual FX of this flash is awesome too