Reviews for "Zelda II: Din's Dance"

awsome i thought LINK was on a reaping spree

Damn you google maaaaaaaaaps!!!!!

Loved the end with the poker face and then epic dancing.

lol. Soooo good yea.

Well how do i put this... It was good. the art I have mixed feelings about but then again its way better than anything I could ever draw.the animation ran smoothly. It had characters that everyone loves from one of the most iconic game boy color games(though I feel sometimes it gets heavly forgotton) and the jokes were not half bad and lead up to several points that actually made sence(such as kidnapping the victems before villans do and that he can get any lady he wants no matter the circimstances) the only thing that confused me was the dance party. I know that was from something but I can't place my finger on it. Also I've shown this to several other people and they too loved it. overall well done on this flash. Now if you'll excuse me i'm going to watch it again.

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