Reviews for "Zelda II: Din's Dance"

Awesome, that is all that has to be said!

Hey Oracle of Seasons!

Wow I never get to see parodies of that game. And needless to say this was funnier then expected also better then the last parody you made. Also you got a good voice cast for this one too so that gets ya some brownie points. All aside good work

WooleyWorld responds:

Personally I enjoy the first one better but if you dig this one, that's cool.
Yeah Jaxxy and RicePirate fit their parts so well.

The end was hilarious!

The name of the final song?

WooleyWorld responds:

High Voltage - Electric Six
It fit.

what are you gonna do to me ?
*rape face*

very well , good graphics , nice music and sounds , but you can perfome the comedy