Reviews for "Zelda II: Din's Dance"

Electric six made it full of win

The guy below me is too critical, not to mention long winded. Great ending, work on the rest.

WooleyWorld responds:

What that guy said.^

All around bad.

The line work was extremely sketchy and unattractive. A general response to this is "WELL I WASN'T REALLY EVEN TRYING." If you weren't trying then why bother.

It's the same with the animation, where the only thing that really seemed to have some sort of effort put into it was that girl spinning. Everything else is extremely choppy.

The art style itself was unappealing too, having ridiculously oversized eyes was one of a few things that just looked miserable to me, but that, ironically, seems to be a pro for style for most.

The audio is a mixed bag. The girl voice actor with the good mic, was not a good actor, whereas everyone else was good, but had bad mics. Nothing you can do about your mic, but jaxxy wasn't all that good.

None of anything I mentioned above really even matters if the movie is funny, but it isnt. A girl gets kidnapped and locked in Link's house, and then when she asks what he plans to do, he puts on a mask and sings. Whether innuendo is implied or not, that's the punchline. The only one, and it's weak.

Usually when one thing falls flat, everything else does, but this is an unfortunate example of when nothing seems to shine. Just keep practicing is all I can really give advice wise.

WooleyWorld responds:

What would you like to name it? The river you are crying me, I mean.

lol!he used google maps!!

WooleyWorld responds:


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