Reviews for "Loopus Mystery Hour"

Well animation was good and i liked the voice acting and i found it to be entertaining although it didnt make me laugh or crack up a smile, the pacing was a bit slow.

Also i have a question will you make other episodes based or inspired on other movies or was this the only one?

Samination responds:

It's a spin-off from Snowy the Frostman that will continue the tradition of spoofing various horror movies.

Yay ARBY'S!!! Also, very funny.

The art needs a little bit of work, but great overall. The sherrif is a little too stupid and annoying, but that's probably just me.

Keep up the great work! I'd love to see another like it.

Samination responds:

Good thing the show isn't about the sherriff. I probably keep him to a minimum. lol

Here little boy...I have some candy.

So funny.

Couldn't watch on newgrounds because of terrible streaming. But once I did watch it... Lol. The plot seemed really dry up to that wicked twist I definitely didn't see coming. The Sheriff is obviously the best character on the show, but I'm a little disappointed in Loopus's character, I think he needs more development.

Samination responds:

Thanks man! If you want to learn more about Dr. Loopus, be sure to watch all the Snowy the Frostman episodes. Dr. Loopus is introduced in episode 2.

Boy, that escalated quickly. I love dark humor. :D