Reviews for "Loopus Mystery Hour"

Great film! Really liked it, strangely reminded me of the movie "Insidious" with a funnier twist. Great animating and voice acting :)

amazing voice acting, great animation, and one of the funnest videos ive seen in a while, gj :D

This is...

Amazingly hilarious! I love your work good sir! Your voice work always cracks me up, insta faved!

hahahaha awesome Insidious parody. Keep on keepin' on my friend....and I would have totally just shot him too lol

Samination responds:

The sherriff was useful!

Music cue from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade! Yay!

Always nice to see comedies that treats stuff like humor, pacing, storytelling, and good VO work as more of a priority than boring, masturbatory shit like disproportionately long title sequences and end credits, or tedious exposition. Well-produced and enjoyable all the way through. Great work!

Samination responds:

Thanks WoodTick