Reviews for "-Electroman Adventures V2-"

this is good one ! ^^

It's got good structure and an excellent bass as usual; but not very interesting instrumentation.

And another amazing piece from Waterflame!

I really don't know what to say here... it's like Electroman Adventures, but better! I really can't come up with anything else to say, as much as i want to...

I am a fan of Geometry Dash and the level that used Electroman Adventures. That's probably irrelevant... i logged on my account just to leave this review.

I think i've gotten my point across. Amazing song! :D


Sweet, my song got published before Waterflame today!

Anyway, this feels more electrifying than the last, good work!
The rock and electronic cooperate very well to make a great beats on this song.
The drop later at 2 minutes and 38 felt appropriate, though I wish it could have a bit more zing when it gets back up to the beats. Zing as in shock. Something that relates to a shock when it revives back to end in a blazing glory.
Overall, great song!