Reviews for "-Electroman Adventures V2-"


I first heard your music back when i played castle storm... It's nice to see how far you have gotten!


I know this is four years old already, but I just couldn't help it.
This is far better than the original in my opinion, I can hear you polished it (the transitions sound less artificial), and I think I like the rocky parts better (guitars mixed with "square" sound nice too). You slowed it a little compared to the original, it still has the same feeling though.

But man. That last part. From the 3rd minute mark.
It's a fast track already, and you thought it would be okay to double the tempo? I only have one thing to say, you were completely right here. It's an amazing part!
But how many energy drinks did you have before making this?

Waterflame responds:

Thank you :D haha. I just had a lot of energy that day! I still remember sitting on the bus on the way back from work listening to the original thinking it could be more. But come to think of it there was probably caffeine involved.
I should make a 3rd one some time

In my opinion, a significant improvement on the original one, even through i don't really like rock/metal.

I thought elcetroman adventures was unable to be surpassed, but our saviour returned! I knew who you were before Geometry Dash, and you have came so far!