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Reviews for "Ultimate Waterfalls"

I agree with some of the users regarding lvl 26 medal. I finished the level in less than 10 sec and it didn't give me the medal for it. enjoyed the game and I loved the art style and graphics. simple yet challenging. overall it was a good game. though it seems the flow of the particles a bit slow sometimes.

MoonMana responds:

Thanks for your response. Our tester tested the medal and got it. It's very hard to get it, but it's possible

Update: our tester suxx. :) I've fixed the medal. It was really impossible to get it.

I liked the game and enjoyed the puzzles in general, but I was not a fan of the cage system. In a few of the levels, I found it really difficult to maintain the unlocked state of the cage long enough to do anything before the lock would pop down just enough to lock again, resetting any of the objects I moved back into some horrible position. This was especially true for level 40, where I spent two hours because the stream refused to be steady enough for long enough to keep the cage unlocked long enough for me to finish the level. I have no idea how the walkthrough managed to make it look so simple.

I did find a bug in that objects in the top left corner had a tendency to stop responding to clicks, as if they were disabled because they were partially covered by the Menu button or by an invisible achievement dialog. A good example would be the gravity switch in level 51. I couldn't activate it unless I clicked very low on the object. If I pressed tab I could find the "X" for the close dialog button of an achievement, which would show up when I pressed it, so I'm guessing that's related.

My only problem with this is that it actually took me a few seconds to figure out how to play (pressed the new game button, just catapulted me straight into the level, didn't explain to click and drag.) Besides that, it was a good game.

MoonMana responds:

OH, really...? sorry for that. That's my fault

Great game.

Nice graphics, nice game machanics. If only the music wasnt so repetetive and dull... :S

cool idea