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Reviews for "Ultimate Waterfalls"

wow there is so much i have to say i dont even know where to start.
the physics in this game sucked, the "waterfalls" or whatever they're supposed to be just bounced off the walls randomly making it seem like all the puzzle were just trial and error. then the lack of a tutorial really made it a bitch to figure out the first few levels. the sound track was decent but it got really annoying after about two minutes (add to it a little). the graphics were one of the only things i enjoyed. i was only going to give half a star but the graphics look pretty smooth so i bumped it up.

It's a first for me but the medals really bring this game down. What ones there are, other than the 10 seconds one, are very easy and give no motivation to actually win the game (level 26 is the highest medal whilst the game has 57 levels). Clearly the 10 seconds one wants to be "moving only 2 of the mirrors", too.

The items are sometimes hard to pick up (something emphasised strongly by the 10 seconds medal) and there are several unsatisfying solutions. Overall it's an okay puzzle game but leaves a lot to be desired.

Interesting game, the lack of instructions made it confusing. I had to watch the walkthrough just to find out that i could drag the mirror.

MoonMana responds:

There is a message in the first level, describing it. But thanks for your feedback. I will try to make tutorials more clear

very fun game :P

however i find the level 15 medal WAAAAAY to hard for something that's only 25 points,spent 30 mins trying different item placements,and still cant get under 15 seconds >.<

is the timer linked to the fps btw?

MoonMana responds:

No, timer is linked to time only. The blur quality is linked to fps

works fine in chrome for me....