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Reviews for "Ultimate Waterfalls"

This was a pretty weird game for me to play. In fact, it seems like I'm playing a lot of games like this lately. I guess I may have overcome my shallowness and no longer care if I don't get a medal for every game I played that has medals. Anyway, I thought the colors were just beautiful. It was pretty hard to figure anything out in this game, though. At least it manages to be very unique.

The sounds are nicely done too, and they are quite soothing. It's hard to get frustrated with a game like that. Half the time, I don't even know if I'm doing the right thing. I just randomly put stuff together remembering from how I won the previous levels. It's certainly worth a play.

Really Great. Very challenging but the options and thought process made it a the kind of puzzle game that you never really get stuck. There are a lot of gravity flow games out there, but this one is special because of how the different colors decay over distance. Pretty graphics too, the way they were both particles and color haze had me imagining they were quantum particles. The only real issues was the music got annoying since it was the same the WHOLE GAME, i noticed that games that changes songs every 5 or 6 levels in congruence with a new item or tactic aren't repetitive and add something to the change of tactic the player must use.

Its a decent game once you figure out how to play it...

It took me forever to find out that you move the mirror.

Its a good concept for a game and I am sure many people like it, but just not my cup of tea.


Would be fun, but it takes... for.....ever.................to......
.............containers. It took me 5 minutes to realize I WASN'T experiencing lag the game is just THAT slow.
I do like the music and the feel of the game