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Reviews for "CP6"

very interesting concept!
love the game! want to see more

The game is really well done except the frequent lag caused a major obstacle, it kills my character because this game is based on timing skill.

I don't know if that's just me but it seems like a glitch or bug more than a normal computer lag for me.
Anybody here can confirm it?

gametronstudios responds:

We're aware of the issue in some browser/computer combinations... unfortunately fixing it would take a major engine rewrite... we're going to do it but not soon, i'm afraid. Have you tried using other browser?

The game is okay but the music sucks.

I love this game. I think its simple controls and graphics make it very enjoyable, and the idea of having blocks that make you shrink is great. However, the targets you set to release sectors 4, 5 and 6 seem much too high. I'm afraid that your game will be long forgotten before you release the last sector.

I really liked the game, it was unique, it had this meat boy quality of experience.

However, there is one flaw. It's 2018, and the game has only 17k hits. I don't think you really thought the requirements through, because I don't think this game will EVER get 50k hits. Sooner NG will cease to exist. Alas, we will sadly never play the other sectors.