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Reviews for "CP6"

It's a good game, a little frustrating sometimes due to the physics of the game, but mainly tolerable. I've encountered a glitch. I have fulfilled the requirements to play sector 4, but it won't move past the question mark. If you can fix it that would be great. Also if you could add a way for you to see how many points you have accumulated, that'd be great as well.

Keep up the good work.

gametronstudios responds:

Level 4 is still locked for everybody. However it's going to be released "soon".

cool game shame you put such stupid restrictions on unlocking the rest of it

Nice old school-ish game!
I like the simple one-hand-control (WASD or left, right, up, down) and the simple, but original idea of certain blocks that make you shrink, jump or can kill you instantly.

Btw, I think there is a bug in level 2-9. I died several times just by touching the dolphin
(the one that is made of jump blocks and which has the first acess token).

Good work! Cheers!

gametronstudios responds:

It's going to be fixed and included in the next release (Sector 4) Ty.

The game is okay but the music sucks.

Smart game! I love this little CP6 sprite. It's a quite challenging and interesting game. Timing is everything. I know I have played this before and progressed into Sector 3 maybe? But this game does not save for me. :( Bummer.