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Reviews for "CP6"

It's a good game, a little frustrating sometimes due to the physics of the game, but mainly tolerable. I've encountered a glitch. I have fulfilled the requirements to play sector 4, but it won't move past the question mark. If you can fix it that would be great. Also if you could add a way for you to see how many points you have accumulated, that'd be great as well.

Keep up the good work.

gametronstudios responds:

Level 4 is still locked for everybody. However it's going to be released "soon".

The game is okay but the music sucks.

Awesome game! I loved it! I hope they add more levels!

gametronstudios responds:

Sector 4 is going to be released soon (with some bugfixes too)

There is a way to make the game hard without making it frustrating. Good game designers can do this one. The attentio whore who made this game and then whined about getting likes in order to get more levels failed at it. Sorry...I couldn't care less about the other levels of this crappy game. Take your hits/likes and shove 'em.

The game is really well done except the frequent lag caused a major obstacle, it kills my character because this game is based on timing skill.

I don't know if that's just me but it seems like a glitch or bug more than a normal computer lag for me.
Anybody here can confirm it?

gametronstudios responds:

We're aware of the issue in some browser/computer combinations... unfortunately fixing it would take a major engine rewrite... we're going to do it but not soon, i'm afraid. Have you tried using other browser?