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Reviews for "Yan Loong Legend 3 DS"

Has all the features of side-scrolling, 2D fighting game, such as gold, points, knock-back, combos, knock outs (enemies laying on the floor, but not dead...just intargetable), and just the right about of it too. I also like how unlike most game of this type, I don't just spam attacks and combo the hell out of the enemies, not giving them a chance. The items and amount of health were perfect, and for a first, there's item equips. The only thing that could possibly be changed is the ability to drop down platforms and a jump that's more horizontal. You should also be able to break your combo and quickly jump when the key is pressed, to dodge surikens...they're annoying has they have infinite range, break my combo, and instantly knock me out (wait...could I duck under them...but then i'll get pwned the enemies I was comboing). I also like how the enemies have combos, that knock me out and give a chance to fight back when I get back up...makes it less one-sided and less boring, but I hate how the enemies have the same range as me...all about who strikes first.

This is the best game ever! We Can Team Up And Attack And Cool Moves And Magic And When We Level Up We Get More Moves and spells. Phenix Is The Best Character Of All.

good game victboy

wonderful game. only negative is that i saw that its possible to go back and forth between areas if you havent fought the second areas first boss. otherwise, keep it up!

The game's fun and all, and I like how you added a second female character, but I think a different character style would have been nice. Then again, the two guys look the same so I guess it fits.

I wish you added more invigorating music, something with a harsh beat to go with all the swordplay and cool fighting moves. You know, something that makes you feel badass for handing all those bad guys' butts to themselves.

Is it just me, or are the new attack moves harder to execute? I think I'm doing something wrong, or maybe the attack moves are little difficult to maneuver correctly, if you can do it at all.

Other than that, I did like the new feature that you can collect items and equipment and use them for your own needs.

Not bad, but also not too good.

All in all, I give it a 3.5 or so.