Reviews for "Saciedy"

A great game, I loved the art, the sounds, and I completely understand the difficulty to beat the game. I've had dreams that enchanted me that way, so I agree that there can not be a linear sequence. Unfortunately, I'm stuck after get the coin and the laser gun. I tried to follow your tips here in the reviews, but I think I'm too stupid, hahahah. Good game, really. (sorry for the bad english, i'm from Brazil)

Y2k4ever responds:

Thank you for the review, here is a hint , the writing on the wall of the room with 2 doors has something to do with the pre-school drawings, and that is a puzzle for the pre-school closet, good luck!

I beat the python and got some object and also have a coin. From there I could go no further.

Y2k4ever responds:

Take the hints in the game, it explains what you need to do.

Wait...you can put content in a flash game that can only be seen via zooming in?!

Y2k4ever responds:

Its possible when you import a large picture and ,without breaking it apart, shrink it so the pixels will not be distorted, but they will appear that way when on the general screen.

Same as the others.
I'll add that its first time I play a game with pictures on a blank sheet of paper!
Finaly its a very interesting concept.
Something that can't be done in a movie. FRightning. I wont look at sheets of paper the same way now I've played your game.
No matter you thought about it before, you dare to do it, and the result is unique.
(sorry if my english is not perfect, Im a french froogie :))
And the music is great too, very weird, I dont know if its music for children or a monster behind a door.
You'll go far with this kind of universe.

Y2k4ever responds:

Thank you very much, did you beet the game :) ?

As I write this review, I am in the process of playing and have reached a dead-end. Unable to progress, I will write about what I have seen thus far.

As a point-and-click, the game leaves me wanting. Part of the success of these kinds of games is the story that the player is given to motivate them to keep working to solve the puzzles and find what needs to be found to move on. I do understand that this is a dream of yours, or of someone you know, however presenting the dream as is to players who did not experience it as you have does not make for a compelling game. The effect would have been stronger with a bit of story or something... substance to sink our teeth into. The idea not to label anything is one I understand... where is the mystery in that? However, being thrown into this game with nothing at all, no information except for the description you wrote for it, is jarring in a bad way. The further I got, the less I felt drawn into a mystery and the more frustrated I became pixel-hunting on every screen. A game made entirely of pixel-hunting is a little tiresome after a while, especially when I can only interact with things necessary to drag the game forward on its slow march to completion.

That being said, I like the music and the simple art style of the game. It feels like a construction of the brain, creating things half-way in some places, and other times rendering a lot of detail. I like that mostly everything in the Pre-School is a sticker on the wall.

As for navigation, I think arrows would have been good. There are certain things you must give up when turning something into a game; the feeling of not knowing where you are going is often one of them. As I sit here stuck, I can't help but think I am missing a location or something, and without a mini-map or arrow navigation, I have no way of knowing.

In conclusion, this game tries to capture a big idea in a form that is far too minimalistic. I don't think I will finish it, because I have looked everywhere for a way forward and can find nothing. I think if you refined this game into something polished and truly complete, it would be wildly successful.

Review rating: 3/5
NG Rating: 3/5

Y2k4ever responds:

Thank you for that well thought out review, maybe arrows would had been a good idea, as for the part you became stuck, did you turn on the TV yet?
I will take your review seriously, and either refine this game, or make one with your advice very in mind, because honestly I felt the same way when I was finished with it, ow and yes this was my own dream.