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Reviews for "Death Count"

Great Game

I like this fallingoff/jump mechanic and the retro setting of the game, although I don't really get, whether I'm playing a black ghost or a dessert with facial impressions.
But the game is in fact really short and the actual difficulty is about the controls in combination with unforgiving collision, rather than very challenging stages.
Though I can't help but to also like this little music track.

Nice one, liked the controls. My shokwave crashed on 6th "hard" level though. It'd be nice if you could add some extra levels or something, because it's 15-20 minutes worth of gameplay.

Do more in this vein. It's simple, but sufficiently difficult. I feel the best arcade games are based upon simple premises that are used well. The concept was good and the platforming components were challenging. Keep at it!
Oh, and great musical choice, but I second what others have said: the sound effects are much too loud.

This game was pretty good and I managed to make it past the hardest level with 1 death, so the game wasn't very hard. Also, he should have adde a real death counter in it.