Reviews for "Death Count"

I like this fallingoff/jump mechanic and the retro setting of the game, although I don't really get, whether I'm playing a black ghost or a dessert with facial impressions.
But the game is in fact really short and the actual difficulty is about the controls in combination with unforgiving collision, rather than very challenging stages.
Though I can't help but to also like this little music track.

I found control responsiveness to be a bit slow on the pickup, but It might just be old plugins on my part. If not for that, the levels would have been a complete breeze.

This game was good for its level of simplicity, but nothing a seasoned platformer hasn't seen before.

The clunky controls reminded of bad 8 and 16 bit games. I get the feeling that was intentional. Decent game. Kinda' easy. But not too memorable. Don't do a sequel unless it's radically different.

A good game, if a little short.

I personally thought it wasn't too difficult, except for the 'Hardest Level in the Game' level, and this is where my one complaint arises. I can't really describe it easily; the best way I can put it is that the hitboxes are extremely unforgiving. Many a time I found myself thinking I'd made the perfect jump, when in fact I'd brushed against the very very edge of the sprite and died. Understandably, the difficulty is what the game is supposed to be about, but it feels slightly more like it's the game's fault for your death rather than player's, though not too much.

Ultimately, the game controlled reasonably well, and even with the low difficulty, held me to the end. The music also gave a nice atmosphere, giving the game a nice, calm, creeping feel, which I think mirrors the way it's supposed to be played quite well.

4/5 stars from me, great game.

really fun game! although really easy :D