Reviews for "Death Count"

-Should have been longer. I had fun playing it, and was shocked with how quickly it ended.

-The blocks that fell were a bit sloppy. Them rolling around once they hit the ground didn't fit the retro style.

-The worse part about this game is that "clink" sound effect with the spiky blocks that go up and down. It annoyed me to no end.

very fun game, you see many of these types around. unfortunately the fullscreen feature seems to be broken

i also like that 'reviewer' feature it can be pretty usefull :P

Not much in the way of replay value, but good, solid fun while it lasts.

That was fun! A bit thrilling like these small games tend to get. Good job

Good game, enough challenging but not too much for a slowpoke like me. The art is cool as well as the sfx. 4 stars outta 4.