Reviews for "Death Count"

"Oh great, another intentionally frustrating platformer. Let's get this over with..."
First impression from the name. Totally unwarranted and completely false. There isn't much to say about this game, it's not innovative and fantastic, but it definitely feels like a really good game should. I feel challenged, not fucked with. Even when the text tries to mess with me and then helps me, it doesn't make me feel betrayed or confused like I almost expected it would. Instead I feel challenged to think about the elements of the level and whether or not the text may be trying to trick me. When I fail I feel like I MYSELF failed, the game didn't just shove a dick in my face and say "suck it!"
Not a particularly interesting game, but an entirely fun one. Good job on making a platformer that makes me feel good.

me like blood

Good game, wasnt so challenging i tore my hair out but it wasnt a walk in the park either, a couple of the levels were hard but overall it was a good game

This game is really good and has a great potential, make it harder.
Theres 1 thing that annoys me though, its the late jumping.

its a fun game but at the same time its really challenging.