Reviews for "Death Count"

Pixalated Puzzle games used to be fun and enjotable, but now just a bunch of poorly programmed repeating bullshit reappears over and over again in a horrible level design. Pixelated games are just unoriginal, and boring.

I cant get through any of the levels because of too much lag. WAY too much lag. But again, it may just
be my crappy computer from 2001 with no updates. Good game otherwise

too easy...

This was fun, but the level design was really simple and even on hard it never really picked up. Adding to this is the fact that the narrator is more annoying than any difficulty in the game, and not in a good Glados way but in a poorly written way. At first, he/she/it? (we never find out) tells you to give up, but nothing ever comes of this. Then it makes some lame jokes, and then it tries really hard to tell you that the game is hard, which might make sense if it was actually that hard.

Even the medals reflect this. Clever!- not really, that puzzle was incredibly basic and it's been done a million times. Wow, you died a LOT!- except no, I only died a few times on that straightforward platforming section, and most of it was due to sound but weird hit detection. Basically, the game does a lot of tell instead of showing, and it comes off as being "try hard".

Controls are broken, jumps are frustrating, the "puzzles" are lame and the game on the whole looks like it took a half an hour to make