Reviews for "Death Count"

I'm finding the jumps to be a bit too pixel-perfect; I have to jump right as I'm falling off the ledge of the platform to barely hit the edge of the next platform. It'd be much more enjoyable if you either made some of the large gaps a hair smaller or made the player jumps cover a few more pixels.

Pixalated Puzzle games used to be fun and enjotable, but now just a bunch of poorly programmed repeating bullshit reappears over and over again in a horrible level design. Pixelated games are just unoriginal, and boring.

I broke your game. On level 12 I somehow hit the yellow key in rapid succession where the spike block would have gotten stuck inside of the yellow lines and the game froze. Good game otherwise

I cant get through any of the levels because of too much lag. WAY too much lag. But again, it may just
be my crappy computer from 2001 with no updates. Good game otherwise

too easy...