Reviews for "Death Count"

nice concept, but way too easy

got all the medals and only three work!

Good game, though mechanic-wise it seems really uninspired, but it's fine I guess. What really pulls the game down is the controls in my opinion. They feel way to awkward, and some puzzles end up being hard because of the controls and not the puzzle itself.
I haven't played the harder levels, but it seems kinda short too. I'm guessing it's supposed to be a minor project, so I suppose we shouldn't expect much anyway.

This is a fun game, but there is something terrible about your controls. They feel slippery. I'll push to jump and walk and it'll only jump half the time or walk the other. Also by the time I release the key more then half the time it already over compensates.

Despite everything I'm about to type, I still recommend you give the game a go.

The sound effects are terrible. When you die from a moving spike, the spike should not bounce around. Or at least mute the spike's sound effect when this happens, as it gets really annoying when the sound plays again and again rapid-fire. The controls are sluggish. The disappearing platforms sometimes disappear when they aren't supposed to. The first level in the hard section isn't a fun kind of hard, but a sketchy kind of hard that uses a feature the player has no experience with yet. It's basically guesswork.

The game has a lot of potential, and I enjoyed many parts, but the game is just unpolished.