Reviews for "Death Count"

Pretty nice game. A couple of the levels were quite challenging. I just don't understand some of your design choices.
You introduce a fall jump in the second level, but only have the player use it three or four times.
Same with the physics engine, which could be pretty interesting, but is only used by the player twice.

its very hard and fun at the same time

Hard, but fun.

got all the medals and only three work!

Good game, though mechanic-wise it seems really uninspired, but it's fine I guess. What really pulls the game down is the controls in my opinion. They feel way to awkward, and some puzzles end up being hard because of the controls and not the puzzle itself.
I haven't played the harder levels, but it seems kinda short too. I'm guessing it's supposed to be a minor project, so I suppose we shouldn't expect much anyway.