Reviews for "Death Count"

Short and simple, not very challeging but worthy game to pass the time

That's kind of nice, even though Hard is not all that frustrating. Music and gameplay wise are approved. But one isn't working is the medals. Or is it just me.

Anyway, I'm with the others too to give you good star ratings.

Very nicely set retro-puzzle game . I have enjoyed a lot ,the only problem I had was with the medals I have unlocked all of them but they don't seem to work , only the penultimate was stored in my library.

This game was pretty good and I managed to make it past the hardest level with 1 death, so the game wasn't very hard. Also, he should have adde a real death counter in it.

After beating this on both the hardest and normal-est difficulties, I have two complaints. The jump is slightly late, and makes the game feel unfair because of it's own programming. Second, is the physics engine. The physics engine made some of the levels feel like they were more about luck, than actual platforming. Other than these small problems, it was enjoyable, short, and to the point which I like :D