Reviews for "Death Count"

It was challenging but I wouldn't call it a very hard game. I liked it though. Keep up the good work!

I like this fallingoff/jump mechanic and the retro setting of the game, although I don't really get, whether I'm playing a black ghost or a dessert with facial impressions.
But the game is in fact really short and the actual difficulty is about the controls in combination with unforgiving collision, rather than very challenging stages.
Though I can't help but to also like this little music track.

heh it's an alright game I didn't struggle it isn't with the difficulty level of IWBTG and that but it's a little hard I give it that. it's an alright game but not a good difficulty game.

nice concept, but way too easy

man I did all level, but is it soooo hard to add medals at least for winning? and where is the global ranking based in deaths or time?