Reviews for "Death Count"

Do more in this vein. It's simple, but sufficiently difficult. I feel the best arcade games are based upon simple premises that are used well. The concept was good and the platforming components were challenging. Keep at it!
Oh, and great musical choice, but I second what others have said: the sound effects are much too loud.

It was simple a well made. In short, this was fun and I liked it very much. *****

Wow this is epic!

We just need a second one because we need many more levels. It reminds me a bit of a indie game on Steam called VVVVVV.

I really liked this! Challenging, fun, but not frustrating.

Nice one, liked the controls. My shokwave crashed on 6th "hard" level though. It'd be nice if you could add some extra levels or something, because it's 15-20 minutes worth of gameplay.

fun little platformer the difficulty wasn't too bad just wish there were more obstacles and levels also a bloody death animation is always a nice touch if you do more ;P