Reviews for "Epic Minequest 2"

Nice art, music, animations and facial expressions...just too slow paced...not enough dialogue and not enough action/change of scene.

Meh, this was a lot better than the last epic minequest. But this does not mean it's a masterpiece,

less memes: that's a good thing.

Animation: gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.

The fact that this is a typical minecraft parody: *sigh* another one? really?.....most of the jokes were really predictable and have been done before. It's almost as unoriginal as the last one, only slightly better.

Dubstep in the credits: it fucking killed it

The animation was amazing. It wasn't that funny, it was your typical minecraft parody but it had some laughs. Pretty much everything thing was great. I don't know why people get so bitchy because of some memes in your animation and the last Epic Minequest too. I understand if they don't think it's funny but they act like it make it shit.

Freak you!

The quality on this is great