Reviews for "WaxOware"

Ah Nostalgia! Great game dude!
It reminded me of Leisure Suit Larry 2 , where he gets a full body wax , like Gravedrone said below.
I only wish this had mature content as well... I'm cutting half a star because of that
The classic animation and slapstick humor was enjoyable.
The smiling and frowning elevator (with that music) was trippy.

Some of the levels were too hard for me though, like the single wax strip mini-game.
I wasn't able to complete normal mode even after 10 play-throughs.
I guess I better keep trying then..
The medals were an excellent addition, thanks for those.

I hope you make plenty of games like this in the future, but with adult content please.

I thoroughly enjoyed the game, and at no point did I think it was impossible, even in hard mode. The boss stage was a little difficult to understand at first, but it's all doable. Great job!

Nice, just what I expect from a mini-game game...perfect art, audio, animation (could be a more detailed/proportionate/professional), I only wish the game were harder...you either do something or you don't...don't skill involved, for example, in the shaving games, it should be harder than just clicking and holding.

This game was great. I enjoyed every minute of it. This game is successful at being a WarioWare clone, having many elements of WarioWare. I like this game just as much, if not better, than the WarioWare games.

Really funny it's like a Wtf Game with some mini games
Really like to play it and a lot of laught :D
I didn't knew that we can do something like this with stencyl