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Reviews for "Bubble Tanks TD 2"

Man this is pretty hard, even for normal difficulty.

This game is fun

I like it.
But when do the enemies become so strong, that they can keep up with some towers that have 2.000.000 dmg? It's getting a little bit boring here.

I like it, but I have a problem. If I make a mega tower out of a normal anti-ghost, a normal area burst, a beam cannon, and a damage booster, the resulting killfest freezes my firefox when it nukes the whole screen about twice a second.

If you just build super fast, and anticipate what it takes to kill a wave, boost ahead and build real fast.

Its a real good game but i cant find any stratagies to beat the first damn level after the tutorial i dont have enough bubbles to spend, and the enemies get real strong real fast so i always get obliterated by wave 6