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Reviews for "Dumping Grounds Ep 2"

Interesting, would have been funnier if the girl had developed a six pack after reaching through the poster.

really good animation and good sounds, the voice acting could be a little better.keep it up!

It was mentioned below- but the characters having the exact same voice is really disracting. Other than that it was fairly well, if simplistic.

Hey this is actually good! Underated stuff! The animation though rough sometimes, i can see a lot of potential! It has the essence of an anime, if you keep improving you are going to be an awesome animator, i'm gonna fav you and behold with my own two eyes how i am right xDD

Informant responds:

Wow thanks! I hopefully wont let you down haha

Hey I like this but like rocky 2 like. i know the next one will be better but i have some things i hope you can add in.
1. Extra sound effects
2. clearer voice acting
3. smoother dialogue (i felt some part about the portal in the beginning was out of place)

Now the animation. that is great! seriously fun to watch!