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Reviews for "Hej Sokoly"

Very Sick, dam shame for the invading force. Its always the handsomes ones, why oh why is it always the handsome ones.

But then again i'd do the same if a man broke into mah house.

Great flash, I have a question though:

Is this the story?

*spoiler alert*

there are two cities who power this one generator that allows for some kind of benefit. Mr. Gold (bad guy) decided to stop powering the generator after his wife died and (he thought) his son had died as well (this was also when he lost his arm). The team with the main characters was supposed to deliver a message, however it was seen as an assassination attempt, so when they entered the throne room, (this is where I get confused) the robot was destroyed and that crystal on its head was no longer in effect so they all froze (because they were in the wrong kingdom?) except for that one dude who was mr. Gold's son and did not freeze because he shared the same DNA or something. He delivers the message before dying (not sure if he got shot or not) and mr. gold knows that it was his son, and decides to say yes to the truce.

one more thing, please make more animations with the robot dude (I'll call him greg) He is the person with the animated goggles that give us an idea of what he is thinking. To me that was very original and was pretty awesome, I'd like to see more in the future :D great anim.

a great end to a wonderful story.

Always a fan of your art style, but I prefer your previous animations that put a greater emphasis on vocals in the music, and the static effect made my head hurt.

fun to watch, good music but the animation could have been a little smoother.