Reviews for "Pix City"

Okay game didnt have a clue what to do in the race bit and the musics annoing as hell lol

Had a few bugs. All of a sudden was unable to move, think there should be a HUD explanation, also I bought a car and couldnt use it. It could be a really good game if it fixes minor flaws

RasmusiBoy responds:

Do you remember when you were unable to move? Press E to jump into car. Thanks for your post!

I though this would be a good game, it was but y character was so in to the map everytime i played the game the character kept going to the map.

It has a lot of bugs in the begain.

I really like this game. It's a cute little adventure.

It's a bit too limited. It would be enormously better if it was more expansive. The translations are a bit off, too. Finally, the ads you have to watch every day, and even having to sleep constantly is a real pain in the butt. It is so bad, in fact, that the game is nearly unbearable to play (Which is really disappointing.)

*You have to sleep all the time and suffer through ads
*Glitches and lags
*Plot holes
*Glitch in the car racing (arrow keeps pointing left even though there are no cones there)
*Too short and not enough stuff to do
The computer was a good idea, except it was mostly pointless. You have 10 days in Pix City....that's not much time to do anything.